Songs are your creative expression, and publishing protects the copyright and gives you the means to do business with your composition. Biff Bangs can help you decide what to do with your songs once they are written, and how to choose which Performance Rights Organization (PRO) you want to affiliate with. This can be a complicated process, but we can walk you through the choices!


You may want to get in the studio and record your songs, or maybe someone else’s songs. This could be a demo of your songs to play for artists, or it could be your own album! Biff Bangs can help you decide how you want the record to sound, create a budget, and then produce the recording session, putting together the musicians, studio, engineers, rental, cartage and other costs – all the way through mixing, mastering and manufacturing!


If you are an aspiring artist you may want to have someone that you can consult with about obstacles and opportunities, someone that knows the industry, has relationships with all aspects of the business, and someone that has a great reputation. You will find that Biff Bangs has the knowledge, experience and integrity to guide you through the hurdles you will face!


What does this cost?

Writing songs costs nothing! But then… what do you do with them? If you want a career in music it’s time to talk with someone about which direction is best for you. Don’t spend money until you are clear about what to expect. Biff Bangs can help here, too!

Next Steps…

Having fun making music is a priority, but it can be hard work! Teamwork is the key, and Biff Bangs is a reliable partner. Get in touch!

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