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Your music is our goal.

Do you dream of a career in music? Do you see yourself in the studio recording, or on stage performing? 

Production and Publishing

From writing to recording, songs are what drive your career. They establish your identity and your artistry. Biff Bangs will work with you to find the right song and the right sound to fit your vision. 

Development and Management

The full scope of an artist includes many elements - image, promotion, marketing and relationships with other partners like booking agencies and publicists. Biff Bangs has 40 years of experience in networking these ties with a reputation built on trust and hard work. 


Kristi Hoopes

Kristi is back from "The Voice", and the hippie chick with twang is writing for her project slated in the spring of 2018!

Mackenzie Morgan

Mackenzie Morgan

Mackenzie has a huge You Tube following and is writing some amazing songs!

Sahara Rain

Just 14 years old but already writing serious music that will be noticed. Sahara will be releasing "Sticks and Stones" later this year, her story about bullying.

Audrey Edgley

Audrey Edgley

Audrey's single "Run On" is available in iTunes March 2nd. She will have an EP later in 2018!

Biff Watson

Biff's first album, released in August of 2017 is titled "Sounds of Time" and is available on iTunes. Also, check out the podcast interview on Everyone Loves Guitar!


If you've got what it takes maybe all you need is a good manager. Get in touch and we'll discuss your vision and your future. Email biff@biffbangs.com

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We love meeting new artists and raising them to new heights in their music career. Reach out to see what we can do for you.

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